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Written by:
George Swetlitz
Published on:
February 21, 2024
Our analysis of over 100000 restaurant review

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About The Author

George Swetlitz
Co founder
George is a co-founder of RightResponse AI and a former CEO of a healthcare clinic group with 200+ locations. His experience using customer reviews to drive organic growth and internal improvement led to the creation of RightResponse AI.

Customer reviews have become an important touchpoint between businesses and their patrons. Responding to these reviews is no longer just an option; it's a necessity that signals respect and appreciation toward both existing and prospective customers.

At RightResponse AI, we understand the challenges businesses face in managing review responses. A recent study we did of restaurants showed that only 41% of reviews with text comments were responded to. This reflects the challenge that businesses have in responding to reviews. It also reflects an opportunity because those who do respond are more likely to win in the battle for customers.

RightResponse AI has developed a solution that transforms this daunting task into an opportunity for customer and revenue growth.

The Importance of Replying to Reviews

Replying to customer reviews does more than just acknowledge the time and effort a customer took to provide feedback; it demonstrates a business's commitment to valuing and respecting its customers. This act of engagement plays a crucial role in retaining existing customers by showing them that their opinions are heard and acted upon. Equally important is the message it sends to potential customers about the level of care and attention they can expect. Additionally, rich and thoughtful responses provide a platform to communicate key information about the business, further enriching the customer's understanding and engagement with the brand.

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The Challenge of Crafting Responses

Historically, responding to customer reviews has been a labor-intensive task fraught with challenges. Small business owners, caught up in the whirlwind of daily operations, often find it difficult to carve out time for this crucial engagement. On the other hand, larger organizations struggle with maintaining consistency in responses while ensuring that the unique voice of the business shines through, especially when managing responses across multiple locations.

The default solutions—neglecting to reply, copy-pasting generic responses, or relying on template-based software—fall short in personalizing the interaction or conveying any new, meaningful information about the business.

Can You Use AI to Reply to Reviews?

You can choose to use AI tools like ChatGPT to reply to customer reviews. However, those replies often lack the context and depth needed to fully address a customer's specific concerns or to highlight unique aspects of the business. ChatGPT only knows what the reviewer writes and what other responders have written in the past. These responses, though nice, can come across as generic and miss the opportunity to add value or reinforce the business's brand and offerings.

Introducing RightResponse AI's Intelligent Review Response Generator

RightResponse AI revolutionizes the way businesses approach review responses by leveraging a sophisticated Intelligent Response engine. This technology enables businesses to create review replies that are not only respectful and well-toned but also informative and personalized. By semantically analyzing customer reviews in conjunction with predefined facts, training examples, and a brand voice provided by the business, RightResponse AI’s Review Response Generator crafts responses that address specific customer concerns while also communicating important information about the business.

Try our free AI Review Response Generator here for a sample of what our AI engine can deliver.

An Example of Intelligent Review Responses:

To truly appreciate the impact of RightResponse AI's Intelligent, AI-Powered Review Response technology, let's explore a practical example that demonstrates how our system transforms customer feedback into an opportunity for enhanced communication and engagement.

Setting the Scene

Imagine a hearing aid clinic that promotes the convenience of walk-in appointments for services like hearing aid cleaning. A customer, expecting a quick visit, experiences a longer wait than anticipated and shares their disappointment in a review.

Review analysis

In response to such feedback, RightResponse AI utilizes a unique combination of predefined business facts and previously tagged training examples to craft a personalized and informative reply.

Preparing the Intelligent Response

The clinic has previously entered a key piece of information into our system, known as a "Fact," aimed at addressing concerns raised in reviews with a rating of 3 or less. This Fact encourages dissatisfied customers to contact a specific individual at the clinic to discuss their experience further.

Facts - RightResponse AI

A past review about a long wait for a walk-in appointment received a tailored response from the management, which was saved as a Training Example to guide future replies.

Review Response

The Intelligent Response Unveiled

RightResponse AI's Intelligent Response engine analyzes the new review and then identifies these relevant Facts and Examples to generate a thoughtful and constructive response.

The reply crafted by RightResponse AI not only addresses the customer's immediate frustration but also offers practical advice for future visits and opens a direct line of communication for further resolution. This approach underscores the clinic's commitment to improving the patient experience while also providing valuable information to all customers about how to minimize wait times.

Response Generate by RightResponse AI

The Impact of Intelligent AI Review Responses

This example illustrates the depth and relevance of responses that RightResponse AI can achieve by integrating specific business knowledge with customer feedback. The result is a response that goes beyond mere acknowledgment, offering solutions and engaging the customer in a meaningful way. It showcases the clinic's proactive stance on customer service and its dedication to enhancing the overall patient experience.

The RightResponse Advantage

Customer engagement can significantly influence loyalty and perception. With RightResponse AI’s Review Response Generator, businesses can ensure that every review—whether a compliment or a critique—is met with a thoughtful reply that reflects the business's values and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Whether you're managing a single location or overseeing a network, our review management platform empowers you to create responses that resonate with your customers, fostering loyalty and driving organic growth.


RightResponse AI offers a powerful solution for turning the challenge of review responses into a strategic advantage. By enabling businesses to communicate effectively and personally with their customers, we're not just simplifying the response process; we're transforming it into a cornerstone of growth. Join us in redefining the future of online customer engagement with intelligent, personalized review responses that elevate your brand, solidify your relationship with existing customers, and bring new customers to your business.

AI Review Response FAQs

How do I respond to Google reviews on ChatGPT?

The best way to use ChatGPT, or any LLM (large language model) to respond to reviews for free is to use our Free AI Response Generator!

Why? Because RightResponse's AI Response Generator is head and shoulders above the others:

  • It allows you to input your industry, which assists the AI engine in crafting the response.
  • You can specify the length of the response.
  • But most importantly, and what is very unique, is that it allows you to type in things you'd like to add to the response, and the AI engine will incorporate those things into the response .

This will give you a pretty good, simple response which you can copy and paste as needed! AI can be used to respond to Google reviews and customer reviews on other platforms. RightResponse AI empowers you to deeply analyze and manage customer reviews across multiple platforms.

If you want a platform with more capabilities – one that allows you to operate at scale, that stores and incorporates facts about your business and great prior review responses, and can analyze review sentiment in a structured and systematic way, you can sign up for RightResponse AI’s free, 14-day trial which includes 100 AI-generated review responses

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